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KING had a Dream...
Get-out-VOTE! = GOOD $25 hr JOBS! = If everyone has money, what else is there?

What I want to focus on in this State of the Union address, is not just the remarkable progress we've made, not just what I want to get done in the year ahead, but what we all need to do together in the years to come, the big things that will guarantee an even stronger, better, more prosperous America for our kids. The America we believe in. That's what's on my mind.

Half America (47%) don't have GOOD JOBS earn less $10,000, reported don't vote "because nothing happens anyway." Since Abraham Lincoln's 81.2% turnout, only 27% voted my administration. "Politically motivated few" PACS paid $2billion, Congress rewarded PACS by outsourcing your GOOD JOBS i.e. MADE IN CHINA sells their labor back to you "duty free trade tax." Congress preaches FREE TRADE not FAIR TRADE. All religions, Bible, Talmud, Koran, explain how to know False Prophets, "what they say does not come to pass, rid them of the land!"

Make five (5) copies for your Mother & Friends to Send & Share!
<BEGIN COPY/PASTE>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Make five (5) copies for your Mother & Friends to Send & Share!
KING had a Dream needs Plan of Action! GOOD $25 hr JOBS!

Hello fellow Americans,
I'm asking you to petition Congress setting minimum wage $25 *BRING our GOOD JOBS back ACT!
YOUR WAGES today are stagnating our economy. Corporations, Wall Street, PACS devalued your earnings.

PROOF! Stagnated wage abuse: NOTE: GOOD JOBS was Kings Dream!
1964 candy bar cost 5 cents, minimum wage $1.25 = you worked 2.4 minutes to buy candy bar.
2016 candy bar cost $1.30, if you calculate minimum wage $7.40, you work 16 minutes for candy bar.
Today you work 6.66Xtimes longer, $1.30 divide 2.4 = 54 cents per minute = hour minimum wage $32.50
Which Candidate explains raising minimum wage only to $15? Who said $12.50? Who says no raise at all?
Baked cake today $15.99, you work 2-hours to buy, where's money going? You should work 30 minutes to buy.
FACT: Women everybody should earn minimum wage $32.50 = $62,400 annual EQUAL PAY FOR EVERYONE!

Half America did not Get-out-VOTE!
105,466,924 "Eligible Citizens" did not VOTE!
59,142,004 "Popular vote" for Romney PACS paid $15 per vote = $887,130,060.
62,615,406 voted my administration, PACS paid $15 per = $939,231,090.

You're receiving my WhiteHouseChainLetter.com from another concerned Citizen sharing, please do your part immediately make five (5) copies for your Mother & friends to Send & Share too. They'll send 25 friends, and they send 125, etc, etc. DO NOT break or stop this White House Chain Letter. TEN DAYS YOU WIN GOOD $25 hr JOBS!
The White House guarantees it!


Your privacy is respected kept strictly private and confidential.

I Get-out-VOTE:______________________________________for PRESIDENT 2016!
Your full name:_________________________________________________________
Date-of-birth: Day_____________ Month__________________ Year______________
STREET Address:______________________________________________________
CITY_____________________________ State_______________ ZIP ____________
Cell phone (______) ______-_________ email _______________________________

MAIL- Eva Dorr, PMB 7122, BOX 257, Washington 98507-0257
Email- Eva@WhiteHouseChainLetter.com
TEXT- 206-664-1945

#1-2-3, I guarantee your Get-out-VOTE! White House Chain Letter will change Congress!
"Together we rule, divided Congress false prophets do."

#2. DO NOT "break or wait" WHITE HOUSE CHAIN LETTER! Make 5 copies immediately share to 5 friends, I'll deliver your Presidential 2016 choice, demanding Congress pass GOOD $25 hour JOBS bring your jobs back act!

#3. FBI WARNING REPORT: Citizens Get-out-VOTE! Terrorist don't, Feds can't crack internet. Bad things happen if you break White House Chain Letter, riots, jobs lost, heroin addictions, black lives lost, terrorist = bad economy.

KING had a Dream needs a Plan! "upgrade families"
When everyone has
GOOD JOBS! What more can we want?
When everyone Sends/Shares WhiteHouseChainLetter.com, I guarantee the private sector will provide GOOD $25+ hr JOBS! Congress will set the $25 hr minimum wage and bring our outsourced jobs back.

1. FREE TVblockbusters! FREE UPGRADE! TV Ads Hollywood's cash cow pay to upgrade GOOD $25 hr JOBS! Your car radio is free, why not FREE TV? Why do you pay to watch commercials? America is the only country in the world that pay to watch commercials! "FREE" = DRIVES TV VIEWERS = DRIVES SPONSORS = UPGRADE GOOD JOBS! FREE 1st-run movies like Star Wars, News, Music, Sports, Video Games, NEW Virtual Reality TV 24/7 on your smartdevice already in your pocket connects to your big flatscreen = FREE TV!
2. FREE UPGRADE speed-of-light internet (google Chattanooga GIGgrid). All USA including rural areas never see spinning wheel of delay downloads seconds 2-hour movies Comcast/Warner take 26 minutes = GOOD JOBS!
3. Phone FREE service! How can low income find/keep a GOOD JOB without a phone?
4. FREE Clean Electric Grid, stop electricity global warming = GOOD JOBS!

Survey says: "Half America don't VOTE will Get-out-VOTE if informed." ONLY YOU CAN INFORM AMERICA
Send & Share NOW! Don't "break or wait" my White House Chain Letter, if you do, only bad karma will follow you!

Your White House

<END COPY/PASTE>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Make five (5) copies for your Mother & Friends to Send & Share!
Don't VOTE? Bad things happened to you," whatever can happen will happen" Murphy's Law. King had a Dream, what's happened since his 1968 death? More African American men in prison than college, a family lost their home, another man lost his job, Mom's forced to work out of the home at a low wage, minimum wage can't support, infrastructure deteriorating rusting away, slow internet, we pay TV to watch corporate commercials, groceries inflation starves low income children. When everybody has a GOOD JOB you win!

It's an easy copout for Candidates to claim "everyone will vote this time." When it hasn't happened since Abraham Lincoln 81.2% voter turnout 155 years ago. Democracy is for all everyone together we stand, not a Political motivated few. VOTE the False Prophet Candidate out of office, rid the land of them! Then we would have a huge turnout like Abraham Lincoln did!

Candidates Pacs don't want you to vote, candidates only need "popular vote" not your vote.

PROOF! Get-out-VOTE! contacted every candidate and senate and each governor office too, with ZERO response! Why haven't candidates and politicians and candidates not responded even a hint to the half America not voting to Get-out-VOTE? Because candidates concern is winning "key States" (Electoral College Vote) not the "Citizen Vote".

Electoral College Vote is to be decided by whom votes, if only one person votes then that person's vote decides the electoral vote for that State, and that one person vote is called the "popular vote." Thus 2012 President Obama won 57% Electoral College Votes (Popular Vote) however only 27% Citizens voted for President Obama, 26% Citizens voted for Romney, and 47% Citizens or half America did not vote.

Why didn't Romney speak to half America's non voters? If he had obviously he may have won. Romney's PACS paid about $15 per vote or about one billion dollars, it is not cost effective to spend twice or three times that amount to reach the non-voter, so non-voters are simply forgotten. To win candidates PACS focus Key States "Popular Vote" not the "Citizen Vote."

Bad things happened when everyone doesn't vote! When half America don't vote it kills our economy, a politically motivated few make choices for you. Citizens feel disappointed reporting: "their vote really doesn't count or matter because nothing happens anyway," living on very limited lower income, giving opportunity for a political motivated few to buy your vote when you don't vote, cheats half America. 2012 PACS paid $15 per vote, but they want to be paid back, just as you expect to be paid back when you invest your money. Which gives us false prophets, what else may you expect when someone else buys your vote? Remember, Hitler a false prophet too was appointed office buying 30% votes too, and real bad things happened then too!

White House Chain Letter is important. It's FREE and you stop anyone buying your vote to keep you from voting. 2012 Candidates PACS paid $15 per vote, today 2016 with inflation PACS certainly will buy $25 per vote. Send & Share WhiteHouseChainLetter.com keep America voting honest! Immediately make five (5) blank copies for your Family/Friends to complete & return!

Only you can inform all Citizens to Get-out-VOTE! You are in control of your posterity, your job and economy for all Citizens. When everyone has a job, YOU WIN!
President Barack Obama